Funeral grant

In what situation can I claim?

Funeral grant is payable for the death of:

  • any insured person, regardless of the category of insurance (employee, self-employed or voluntary insured person);
  • a person who was eligible for a statutory pension, invalidity pension, widow’s pension, missing person's allowance, or death benefit (death that occurred due to an employment accident or an occupational disease);
  • an orphan for whom orphan's benefit is being paid;
  • a person who was dependent on an insured person or pensioner;
  • an employee whose death was the result of physical injury caused by an employment accident or a designated occupational disease.


What conditions do I need to meet?

The insurance conditions for payment of a funeral grant for the death of an insured person or a dependant of an insured person are that the insured person:

  • had actual insurance equal to at least 0.50 of an insurance point and at least 26 weeks had elapsed since the week in which the insurance commenced; and
  • had actual or assimilated insurance equal to at least 0.39 of an insurance point in the relevant contribution year.

Where the insured person dies as a consequence of an employment accident or occupational disease, a funeral grant is payable even if the above conditions are not satisfied.

For the death of a pensioner or the dependant of a pensioner, it is sufficient that a pension was being paid or that there was an entitlement to a pension on the date of the death.

For the death of an orphan for whom orphan's benefit was being paid, a funeral grant is payable without any further conditions.


Deadline for submission

To be approved a funeral grant, the relevant application form and the required original certificates must be submitted within 1 year of the date of death.


What am I entitled to and how can I claim?

Funeral grant is paid as a lump sum and is equal to 5.6% of the annual basic insurable earnings applicable at the time. The amount of the funeral grant is reviewed every January. To pay for the funeral allowance, the applicant must apply through a special form that can be obtained from any Social Security Office, Citizen Service Center or online. The application must be submitted to one of the social security offices or the Citizens' Service Center and must be accompanied by an original death certificate and in case the applicant is not a widow or widower of the deceased, accompanied by a certificate that he has borne the funeral expenses. When the funeral allowance is required for the death of a dependent, the application must be accompanied by the relevant original certificates (marriage in case of spouse, birth, attendance or National Guard certificate in case of child, etc.).

Forms you need to fill in

How to apply and further information: Funeral Grant


Who do you need to contact?

Social Insurance Services


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