My donation transaction failed. Why?

Our platform supports local and international methods of payment: VISA, MASTERCARD, Maestro and Diner's Club. We do not support payments made with American Express Cards.

What will show for your purchase

Your Bank Statement will show "Mangopay/Enfluental" for your donation.

Why don't I receive any emails from Ourbeloved.cy?

If your spam filter rules are set too strict, emails may get stuck in your spam folder. Check your SPAM or JUNK folder regularly or add Ourbeloved.cy to your address book.

Otherwise, write to us: support@ourbeloved.cy

Why we ask for your nationality and country of residence details during the payment process?

You must provide correct information so that we generate the correct invoice and VAT amount that you need to pay.

Why we ask for your birth date during the payment process?

We need to ensure you are 18+. Age verification interrupts the checkout process to verify age pre-payment. Integrated with the checkout process, age verification occurs in the background before a customer’s payment is accepted and processed. Laws state that consumers’ ages must be checked before a transaction occurs, so it’s important that this happens before our online payment gateway processes your transaction.

How can I correct an error if I have already posted a notification?

You can edit the notification once posted as many times as you like up until the funeral date. Otherwise, you may contact our helpdesk at: support@ourbeloved.cy and a member of our team will correct it.

How to post a funeral/ memorial notice

Our intuitive and user-friendly wizard will help you build your funeral or memorial quickly and easily. As our notices are all template-driven, as you fill in the fields you can automatically see the notice being built and how it will look once it is posted.

For donation recipients: Know your customer (KYC)

KYC stands for Know Your Customer and entails the whole verification process of your users. This process is part of European anti-money laundering regulation, known as AML, which requires institutions such as MANGOPAY to make sure that money transacting through their system is clean. It will therefore be an integral part of your collaboration with us.

The whole verification process is automated thanks to our dedicated API endpoint. This feature is available for users worldwide and provides you with a global, compliant and trustful service.

There are two levels of user verification, also called API levels: Light (default) and Regular.

  • Light (default) verification requires basic information provided during the user creation process.
  • Regular verification requires identity proof which allows users to handle unlimited funds.
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