Multiple Sclerosis Association seeks participants for health survey

Cyprus Multiple Sclerosis Association has called on locals to participate in an international survey to evaluate health care procedures.

In a social media post inviting people to participate in the World Patient Alliance (WPA) health technology assessment survey, the association said the results “will provide useful information on the various aspects of healthcare around the world, which could have a positive impact on patients’ lives.”

The survey is available in English, Spanish, French and Dutch.

In their own statement, the WPA said patients must have access to healthcare that includes timely, safe, effective, affordable, optimal, non-discriminatory and innovative treatments, health services, health devices, health products and pharmaceuticals.

The health technology assessment survey can provide crucial information regarding multiple aspects of healthcare that can have a positive impact on the lives of patients.

Through the survey, WPA will be able to learn about people’s experiences with healthcare processes and whether they are being listened to, if their needs are being met and if their perspective is being valued.

“We believe that every patient matters,” wrote the World patient alliance.

A properly developed assessment process can “favour the establishment of a truly patient-centred healthcare system that covers quality and safety comprehensively and promotes a ‘Get it Right the First Time’ culture,” WPA added.

Those who wish to participate in the survey can visit the link:

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