Greek author to donate book profits to charity for premature babies

A Greek children’s book author will donate the profits of a recent publication to a local charity supporting premature babies.

The book, under the title To Mikro Kotopoulaki (‘The Little Chick’) talks about “the power hidden inside the smallest of babies” and is dedicated to premature babies and their ‘hero’ parents, author Katrina Tsantali wrote on her social media.

Tsiantali will donate her percentage of the profits to Mora Thavmata association, which aims to support and upgrade the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the Makarios Hospital in Nicosia.

The NGO also aims to inform and raise public awareness on issues concerning prematurity and premature infants hospitalized in the unit.

‘The Little Chick’ is the third book of the Mikra Asteria (‘Small Stars’) collection published by Dioptra books with illustrations by Little Miss Grumpy.

It is currently only available in Greek sold at €9.90 at all big bookstores.

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